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FLIGHT FRIGHT Brexit Prompts Calls For Runway Extension

Wednesday July 6, 2016

FLIGHT FRIGHT Brexit Prompts Calls For Runway Extension

Businesses in the tourist sector are lobbying local politicians to extend the runway at Arrecife airport. As the UK's decicion to leave the EU has sparked fears that British tourist numbers could fall, dictating diversification into newer and further flung markets.

The current runway at Guacimeta is only 2400 metres long, making it one of the shortest in Spain. And while this has proved to be of sufficient length to cope with planes loaded with fuel for four hour journeys to the key markets of the UK and Germany, it isn't big enough to cope with planes flying direct over longer distances. As their additional fuel needs would add weight, necessitating a longer runway for take off.

This in turn restricts significant penetration into more distant markets in Eastern Europe and Scandanavia, as planes departing from these regions currently require refuelling stops en route, so adding to flight times.

The UK alone accounts for around 50% of all foreign tourist arrivals on Lanzarote and local trade associations such as the island's hoteliers group ASOLAN fear that UK passenger numbers could diminish post Brexit.

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