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AUTO BAN Dodgy Car Hire Deals Driven Offline

Thursday July 7, 2016

AUTO BAN Dodgy Car Hire Deals Driven Offline

Dodgy car hire firms that scam tourists with unexpected extra rental charges are finally being bought to book by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority. Who have told all of the major UK car hire websites that they must now display transparent, drive away rental rates from Janauary 1st 2017, or face enforcement action.

The car hire market has long been able to operate largely unregulated, leading to a catalogue of consumer unfriendly abuses and bad practices, many of which are all too evident in the arrivals hall at Arrecife airport as well as across the rest of Spain.

Currently, unscruplous rental firms working with third party brokers are able to top best buy comparison searches, which account for around 50% of all rentals booked, by simply hiding charges that are then applied on arrival. A tactic that quickly turns a weeks cheap looking rental into a major financial commitment, littered with more pot holes and pitfalls than a badly surface B road. You can read more about these companies and how they operate on Lanzarote here.

But from the start of next year this type of malpractice will be driven out of the sector, making it much easier for holidaymakers to compare real prices online and shop around for the best deal.

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