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SOUR GRAPES Local Wine Production Set To Fall

Wednesday August 10, 2016

SOUR GRAPES Local Wine Production Set To Fall

Aficionados of locally produced wines may well be left feeling that their glass is half empty as grape production on Lanzarote has dropped to its lowest level in recent times, with the 2016 harvest estimated at just 700,000 kilos,

The local grape harvest is already under way on Lanzarote and the outlook in terms of volume is well below that of previous years. With just 700,000 kilos picked versus 3.7 million kilos in 2015 (a record breaking year) and 2 million kilos in 2014.

It's all down to the weather, according to the local Consejo Regulador, however on the upside the quality of the grapes that have been harvested to date has never been better, thanks in no small part to the careful selection work undertaken by local growers.

Currently, growers and wineries are concentrating on harvesting Lanzarote's iconic Malvasia grape variety, which has an interesting history which you can read more about here. And these grapes have so far been taken in at local wineries such as Los Bermejos and El Grifo, in order to start the production process.

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