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FLIPPING OUT Tourists Come To Aid Of Pilot Whales

Friday August 19, 2016

FLIPPING OUT Tourists Come To Aid Of Pilot Whales

Scores of tourists came to the aid of a school of pilot whales yesterday as they attempted to beach themselves just off the coast of Playa Blanca at Los Coloradas.

The suicidal cetaceans, swimming in a school estimated to be up to 20 strong, appeared in the water just 5m away from the beach. Fortunately the sea was brimming with hundreds of locals and tourists at the time and a human chain was formed to guide the whales back out into the open waters of the Atlantic.

The phenomenon of whale stranding, where whales voluntairily beach themselves and which is particulalry common amongst pilot whales, remains something of a medical mystery. With some experts postulating that a whales' steering systems can get scrambled up by the sonar pulses emanating from submarines, whilst others believe it is more closely connected with their social bonds and kinship - which can result in a sick whale leading the rest of the pod off course and into shallow waters.

Either way, this group of whales live to swim another day, but visitors should remain vigilant, as Vidal Martin, the local spokesperosn the Society for the Study of Cetaceans, has stated that they could reapper in local waters again at any time.

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