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GAIN IN SPAIN Domestic Market Renaissance Continues

Thursday September 1, 2016

GAIN IN SPAIN Domestic Market Renaissance Continues

Whilst Lanzarote is a hugely popular holiday destination for tourists from countries such as the UK and Germany it's third largest source of visitors come from mainland Spain. And this important market is now showing real signs of growth after a challenging period of recession.

So far this year passenger numbers from the peninsula have grown by 7.5%, with particulalrly sizeable increases of around 20% during both Jauary and February. And in July alone nearly 60,000 arrivals from the mainland touched down at Arrecife airport, an increase of 11.6% year on year.

Unsurpisngly the vast majoiry of these domestic tourists fly out to Lanzarote from the key population hubs of Madrid and Barcelona, which respectively account for 94,391 and 39,212 of the total of 257,312 Spanish arrivals for the year to date. Nothern hubs such as Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela are also popular departure points, suggesting that it's not just northern Europeans who are keen to escape colder and wetter weather, particulalry during the winter months.

Overall these figures indicte that a degree of stability is slowing returning to the domestic economy, as Spanish nationals once again start to spend more of their disposable income on both domestic travel as well as holidays abroad.

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