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SEA HORSES The Tide Is High….

Friday September 9, 2016

SEA HORSES The Tide Is High….

A stunning set of new sculptures, entitled The Rising Tide, has been sited in the bay at Puerto Naos in the waters outside the Castillo de San Jose, home to Lanzarote’s Museum of International and Contemporary Art.

They have been created especially by the British eco sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who is the brains behind the much anticipated Museo de Atlantico which will be opening in the sea off Playa Blanca in January 2017. And these new works carry a similar, powerful message about the preservation of our planet in the face of globalization and the rampant pursuit of profit by multi-national companies.

In an obvious reference to the apocalypse, the work comprises four horseman. And the necks of their mounts are shaped to resemble the machinery used by oil companies to extract this natural resource.

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