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SAVE THE CRABS Tourists Endanger Crabs At Jameos del Agua

Wednesday September 28, 2016

SAVE THE CRABS Tourists Endanger Crabs At Jameos del Agua

Tourists are endangering the survival of the blind albino crabs that inhabit the lagoon at the Jameos del Agua, according to a local politician. Thanks to their growing habit of throwing coins into the water at this popular tourist attraction.

According to local councillor Juan Manuel Sosa the rust from coins deposited here can impact upon the health of this unique, endangered species, which are currently declining in number at an alarming rate. Whilst other rubbish such as chewing gum is also being carelessly deposited in the water to the detriment of the local ecosystem.

This is a cause for concern locally as the albino crabs have become synonymous with the Jameos del Agua, featuring prominently in the venue´s logo and overall ‘brand identity’, which was created by the famous local artist Cesar Manrique. They are also recognised as a protected species by the Canary Islands government.

The councillor also raised concerns that large scale music events such as the recent Jameos Festival could also be harming the health of the crabs, as they are apparently highly sensitive to changes in both sound and light levels.

The councillor has pointed out that the crabs are not begging for money, hence visitors don´t need to throw coins into the water. And he has called for enhanced signage at the venue as well as a dedicated crab security team to ensure that all visitors are aware of the need to show respect for these iconic inhabitants of the Jameos del Agua.

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