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VOLCANIC PANIC Mount Teide Set To Blow?

Tuesday October 4, 2016

VOLCANIC PANIC Mount Teide Set To Blow?

Fears are growing on Tenerife that the island´s iconic mountain, Teide, is about to erupt after a series of 90 plus micro earth quakes were recorded in the space of four hours in that region on Sunday afternoon.

According to Involcan, the Canarian Institute of Volcanology these quakes occurred some 13km below ground level, raising concerns that an eruption could be imminent. A specialist team has been despatched to the area to monitor carbon dioxide levels, which are an early indicator of impending seismic activity.

An Involcan spokesperson stated: “We are registering an important seismic rally on the island of Tenerife. In principle, these earthquakes are very low magnitude, consistent with those that occur in active volcanoes. The number of earthquakes is provisional pending the analysis of the signals more closely, but we can qualify this activity as a seismic swarm whose pattern is an alignment with prevailing direction northeast to southwest ".

Mount Teide stands at 12,000 ft and is the tallest mountain in Spain. It last erupted in 1909 and although deemed dormant the volcano is viewed as structurally unstable by experts.

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