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CAR TROUBLE Tourist Hire Cars Targeted Again

Tuesday November 1, 2016

CAR TROUBLE Tourist Hire Cars Targeted Again

The local Guardia Civil are investigating another rash of robberies from tourist hire cars, this time in the Ye region of the island. Where two vehicles were targeted last week, resulting in the theft of 160 euros in one instance and acts of criminal damage in the other.

The problem of break ins into parked vehicles is particularly prevalent in quieter areas of the island, often close to walking routes such as in and around the natural volcano park and the route down to the Risco from Ye. As these more remote locations provide thieves with both the time and opportunity to make a grab for whatever has been left lying around.

Whilst the Guardia Civil has described the problem as sporadic anecdotal evidence suggests that this is a persistent issue. So all visitors are urged to leave nothing of any value in their hire car, including any paperwork that may contain their bank details or personal information. Whilst all car doors and windows should be securely locked and anti theft devices activated.

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