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GREAT ESCAPE UK Flights To Canaries Up 23% This Winter

Wednesday November 9, 2016

GREAT ESCAPE UK Flights To Canaries Up 23% This Winter

Lanzarote will be welcoming more flights from the UK than any other Canary Island this winter, with the exception of Tenerife, according to data unveiled this week at the annual World Travel Market event in London. Whilst the number of flights departing from the UK to the islands will increase by 23% from November to next March, versus 2015/16 figures. 

During November, the UK and the Canaries will be connected by 565 weekly flight services. And Lanzarote accounts for 142 of these, second only to Tenerife South with 241 and some way ahead of Gran Canaria (98), Fuerteventura (78) and La Palma (6). Whilst across the course of the winter season some 2.5 million seats will be filled by tourists from the UK. 

Representatives from some of Britain´s biggest carriers also allayed the fears of local politicians about any negative impact of Brexit and the recent depreciation of sterling versus the euro on UK visitor numbers. With British Airway´s commercial director claiming that UK consumers will not reign in spending on certain essentials such as mortgages, mobile phones and holidays abroad. Whilst easyJet´s general manager Sarah Dekkers pointed out that Brexit will not be bringing the sun out in the UK any time soon.

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