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GRAND THEFT AUTO More Tourist Car Hire Break Ins

Tuesday November 22, 2016

GRAND THEFT AUTO More Tourist Car Hire Break Ins

Local police have reported yet another rash of robberies from parked hire cars cars in Ye, following on from our report last month about similar break ins.

The latest incidents occurred in the car park above the Risco again, which local police have acknowledged as a location where this is little in the way of passing traffic or on-going surveillance.

The modus operandi was a carbon copy of October´s incidents, as a reported eight cars left with broken windows as thieves rummaged through the interiors for valuables.

Similar incidents have been reported in other quiet areas of the island, such as the natural volcano park and in and around the ferry port at Orzola, where hire cars are often left unattended for long periods whilst tourists go exploring. Often these break ins are not reported to the police and hence go unrecorded, but this type of incident appears to be on the rise, so tourists are urged to leave nothing of value, including personal and travel documents, in their vehicles.

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