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TAKING THE BAIT Dolphin Disinformation Swallowed Whole

Wednesday November 30, 2016

TAKING THE BAIT Dolphin Disinformation Swallowed Whole

Local zoo and wild west theme park Rancho Texas has launched a PR offensive to staunch the flow of protests about plans to open a new dolphinarium on the island. And local Spanish media outlets appear to have swallowed the bait whole, judging by reports that appeared yesterday.

In part their collusion can be explained by the fact that most count Rancho Texas as an advertiser. And their coverage of the scheme has been unquestioning as a result.

The main thrust of Rancho Texas’ press statement is that the current re-housing of four male dolphins on Lanzarote has been approved by the European Endangered Species Program, which seemingly adds weight and credibility to this controversial project.

However, all reports fail to mention that bottlenose dolphins are not an endangered species at all and the EEP is not an independent body either, as it is in fact owned and operated by the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums. And as such is not an organization that could in any way be regarded as impartial or authoritative.  

The scheme is also backed by another apparently august body, the EEAM or European Association for Aquatic Mammals. But again this is an organization that is composed largely of zoo and aquarium managers.

News reports also state that this type of dolphin prefers to inhabit shallow coastal waters, implying that this somehow makes them well adapated to life in an enclosure. However whilst that covers depth it takes no account of distance as in their natual habitat they routinely cover up to 90km daily.

Either way, these dolphins have been imported to the island in order to make a profit for a local business. So any suggestion that this is some sort of altruistic gesture designed to give them a better life is fatuous.

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