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BRITISH BOOST UK Arrivals Up 17.9% In October

Thursday December 1, 2016

BRITISH BOOST UK Arrivals Up 17.9% In October

Brexit and the weaker pound has done nothing to staunch the flow of visitor numbers from the UK, according to the latest data just released by ISTAC, the Canarian Institute of Statistics. As British tourist arrivals rose by 17.9% during October.

Local businesses and politicians were braced for a downturn in business from the key UK market after the British public voted to leave the EU back in June. But the number of passengers arriving on the island from UK airports just continues to rise, as a total of 133,580 holidaymakers enjoyed a break on the island last month, an increase of nearly 18% versus October 2015 figures.

Other key markets also continue to perform very strongly, with German and Irish arrivals up last month by 10.5% and 22% respectively and domestic demand from Spain up by 8.9%. Only the French market, now the island´s fourth largest source of visitors, showed any decline, dropping back very slightly by just 0.4%.

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