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DEPTH CHARGE Under Water Wine Makes Waves

Thursday December 8, 2016

DEPTH CHARGE Under Water Wine Makes Waves

A new red wine, Vino Tinto Submarino, produced by local bodega La Grieta is set make waves in the world of viniculture. Thanks to it´s unique, sub aquatic ageing method.

In order to minimise oxidation, the wine has been created by the Haria based bodega using grapes which were harvested at night time from vineyards in Maguez and close to Monte Corona. After fermentation and pressing the wine was then preserved in French and American oak barrels before being transported to Tenerife, where it was then submerged off the southern coast at a depth of 18 metres and a pressure of 2.8bar. So offering unique and ideal conditions of light, temperature, humidity and gravity to facilitate the ageing process.

The end product is a limited run of 500 bottles which will be presented to the public and the media for the first time on December 14th at the restaurant at the Castillo San Jose in Arrecife. Where it will also be appraised by industry experts, including Gustavo Palomo, a distinguished Canarian sommelier who picked up the title ´Nose Of Gold´in 2011.

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