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CARD GAME Monarch Scraps Credit Card Fees

Thursday December 8, 2016

CARD GAME Monarch Scraps Credit Card Fees

Low cost flight operator Monarch airlines has scrapped credit card booking fees, in a move that is expected to save the average family of four up to £60 pounds on their flights to Lanzarote and other destinations across Europe.

The removal of credit card fees is designed to ensure that Monarch customers can access the best value flight deals and industry observers expect the move to spark a price war with other operators. As currently, competing carriers such as Ryanair and easyJet charge 2% and £14 per booking plus an additional 1% respectively. Monarch´s previous credit card fee worked out at 3% per booking.

Despite apparently coming close to collapse as little as two months ago Monarch has also been given the go ahead by the CAA to scrap ATOL cover on flight only bookings, which adds up to a further reduction of £2.50 per ticket.

According to the airline´s spokesperson Ian Chambers 'Going to 0pc for credit card bookings means that our customers can get the best value from their flight and holiday bookings - and benefit from the protection that credit cards offer, without having to pay extra for it.'

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