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BRITISH BOOM UK Drives 10% Tourist Growth In 2016

Monday January 16, 2017

BRITISH BOOM UK Drives 10% Tourist Growth In 2016

Lanzarote enjoyed another record breaking year for tourist arrivals in 2016, welcoming a total of 2,894,562 holidaymakers from around Europe - an increase of 9.84% versus 2015 figures.

And despite concerns about Brexit and the falling pound the UK market has continued to grow apace over the last year, as just over 1.3m British tourists have touched down at Arrecife airport, a whopping year on year increase of 12.3% - the largest percentage increase of any major national market by far.

Lanzarote´s other key markets have also recorded positive growth over the course of 2016. With Spain up by 7% to 473,291 arrivals, Germany up by 3.23% to 334,927 arrivals and Eire up by 7% to 243.97 arrivals. Whilst the previously fast growing French market,, the island´s fifth largest, has remained static in 2016, with just over 114,000 arrivals.

However none of these nations can match the UK for numbers, with UK arrivals accounting for just over 45% of all tourist visits. Prompting some local tourism officials to voice concern about an over dependence on British holidaymakers and the need to invest in greater market diversification.

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