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'GUN' STUNS SUN Tabloid´s Terrorist Twaddle

Wednesday January 18, 2017

'GUN' STUNS SUN Tabloid´s Terrorist Twaddle

A hotel entertainments worker in Costa Teguise has unwittingly sparked a full blown outcry in the UK´s best selling newspaper.

The Sun yesterday carried a typically sensationalist story after a British guest at the Grand Teguise Playa Hotel in Costa Teguise sent in a photo of the head of animacion trying to round up guest interest in his weekly shooting range game around the swimming pool.

The photo shows the entertainment worker holding a small plastic gun, whilst relaxed guests sunbathe happily on their loungers. However this image somehow proved all too much for the unnamed guest in the wake of the Tunisian terrorist outrage, and they subsequently felt compelled to contact The Sun to express their outrage at this ´shocking´and ´insensitive´behaviour.

Meanwhile, back on Lanzarote, the 'story´ hasn´t even made the local media.

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