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NO VACANCIES EasyJet Tell Canaries - Build More Hotels

Tuesday February 21, 2017

NO VACANCIES EasyJet Tell Canaries - Build More Hotels

British budget airline EasyJet is prompting the Canarian government to build more hotels. As demand for accommodation on the islands has started to outstrip supply.

According to business news specialists Bloomberg, demand for holidays in the Canaries was so high over the winter that Tenerife essentially ran out of tourist beds. Whilst hotel room rates soared by 15% too.

This unprecedented surge in demand has of course been driven by terrorist activity in North Africa and the European mainland. Leaving the Canary Islands as one of the few remaining destinations in Europe to be perceived as safe by anxious holidaymakers.

Bloomberg quote EasyJet´s UK regional manager as stating that the company is working very closely with the Canarian government to accelerate new hotel projects in order to absorb increased demand from British tourists. Whilst the budget airline is also apparently evaluating the viability of new routes and destinations in the archipelago, including La Palma and Tenerife North - which is located at the opposite end of the island to the bulk of British holidaymakers favourite beach resorts.

Here on Lanzarote, total tourist arrivals soared by over 10% last year, as passenger numbers edged closer to the 3 million mark for the first time ever. British tourists accounted for around 1.3 million of these arrivals - and plans are already underway to create two new hotels in and around the most popular resort of Puerto del Carmen over the coming year. Whilst many other complexes are also undergoing refurbishment and modernisation.

As a result some locals are already complaining about the ´massification´ of tourism on the island - whilst others are taking full advantage by renting out rooms and homes to tourists and launching other cottage industries which cater to this market. And at government level the president of the Canaries has already expressed the view that some sort of limit on tourist numbers may have to be imposed in the future.

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