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HOLIDAYS HACKED 43,000 Abta Customers Affected

Thursday March 16, 2017

HOLIDAYS HACKED 43,000 Abta Customers Affected

The website of the UK´s largest travel trade body, Abta, has been hacked. Leaving some 43,000 British holidaymakers and 650 travel agents at risk of identity fraud.

Abta´s network of travel agents and tour operators sell some 32billion pounds worth of travel products every year. However this provided little protection against a massive data breach which Abta fears has impacted around 43,000 customers and 650 of their agents.

Worryingly, the Abta website was compromised as long ago as the end of February - yet only today are they instructing customers and members to take basic safety precautions such as making changes to password and log in details. Mark Tanzer, CEO of Abta, whose slogan is 'Travel with Confidence' has made a personal apology for the anxiety caused.

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