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 OIL SLICK Repsol CEO Banned From Lanzarote

Friday March 31, 2017

OIL SLICK Repsol CEO Banned From Lanzarote

Whilst local island authorities tend to welcome most visitors with open arms there is one individual, Antonio Brufau, CEO of petrol giant Repsol who won´t be enjoying a holiday here anytime soon. As he has been declared persona non-grata after the Lanzarote government agreed to ban him for his recent all advised comments about local residents, labelling them as ´third world´for their opposition to oil prospecting in local waters.

Like most oil giants Repsol are used to getting their own way and bull-dozering opposition - despite having their own highly questionable environmental safety record.  Whilst their plans for prospecting in local waters also posed an obvious threat to the island´s all important tourist industry.

So local residents and environmentalists, who launched a high profile opposition campaign, were delighted when the Madrid based company decided to call off further exploration in the seas around Lanzarote after deciding that existing deposits were insufficient to warrant further investigation.

This set back resulted in the slippery CEO stating that the behaviour of the Canarian people and their protest against surveying displayed a third world attitude and created a serious tooth ache for Repsol. In response the island president Pedro San Gines condemned Brufau´s comments as; "An insult and disrespect to the Canaries and their people, deserving of a severe public condemnation, for lacking respect for the people and public institutions in their massive and peaceful rejection of prospecting." Before going on to point out that multinationals such as Repsol solely seek to further deplete the world´s resources whilst other more advanced societies are now taking a different direction in pursuit of renewable energy options.

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