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HEAVY WEATHER High Winds Stir Safety Concerns

Thursday May 18, 2017

HEAVY WEATHER High Winds Stir Safety Concerns

Island rescue and safety services have warned that high winds will be making waves along Lanzarote´s coastline today, with gusts of up to 80km per hour expected.

Strong winds from the direction of the North East have been blowing in since early this morning at an intensity of 30 to 50km per hour - although stronger gusts of up to 80 km per hour are also expected.

These 6/7 wind force gusts will be strongest in coastal areas and are likely to stir up swells at sea of up to 5 metres in some areas. As a result tourists are urged to exercise maximum caution especially in coastal areas. With local rescue services advising against swimming in any location without safety supervision or where red flags are already flying. Whilst also avoiding boat trips and excursions.

The official alerts come after an Irish holidaymaker tragically died whilst swimming in the sea yesterday.

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