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HOT SCOT Scotland To Outshine Lanzarote This Weekend?

Wednesday May 24, 2017

HOT SCOT Scotland To Outshine Lanzarote This Weekend?

If you want to bask in sub-tropical temperatures this weekend then you´re better off booking a flight to Glasgow than Lanzarote. That´s according to the Scottish Sun anyway (and in fairness the UK Met Office) - who published a forecast earlier this week that the Northern parts of the British Isles are set to outshine even Lanzarote this coming Saturday and Sunday - with temperatures there tipping 27 degrees Celsius. Whilst here dense cloud cover threatens to deplete the heat to the low 20´s.

Worryingly, it looks like these portentous predictions may well be proven correct - as a huge plume of hot air is being wafted towards Scotland whilst the Canaries are copping a cloudy front. Already, cloud cover on Lanzarote is thickening and looks set to build up to almost 100% coverage tomorrow and Friday. Which in turn of course brings the temperatures down.

And whilst the weekend is still a few days away forecasts on the more accurate websites, such as Windguru, indicate the potential for some pretty dense cloud cover this weekend too. So sun seekers should probably dust off the tartan and head for the Costa del Clyde instead.

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