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PRETTY VACANT No Room For SAS in Local Hotels

Tuesday May 30, 2017

PRETTY VACANT No Room For SAS in Local Hotels

Hoteliers in the Canary Islands have ridiculed claims in the UK tabloid media that SAS trained guards are being sent to Spain to protect British holidaymakers.

The story first appeared in the Daily Mail two days ago in the immediate aftermath of the Manchester bombing, asserting that UK tour operators have employed over 100 SAS trained personnel to protect British holidaymakers from a repeat of the beach massacre in Tunisia.

Allegedly, these security forces will be equipped with hidden cameras and will pose as tourists during the busy summer season - patrolling beaches and hotels across mainland Spain, as well as the Canaries and Balearics, whilst liaising with local police forces.

The Mail cite an un-named UK security company as the sole source for their story, claiming this company has been approached to recruit security personnel at a cost of 500 pounds per day by British tour operators.

However at the time of writing both Thomson and TUI, the UK´s two largest holiday companies, flatly denied all knowledge of this scheme. Since then the story has been picked up in Spain - and subsequently dismissed as typical tabloid hysteria by large hotel chains in the Canaries - who in turn highlighted the sterling work of the domestic security forces here in the archipelago.

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