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BASKET CASE Self Catering Essentials Now 30% Cheaper on Lanzarote

Monday June 19, 2017

BASKET CASE Self Catering Essentials Now 30% Cheaper on Lanzarote

The cost of buying basic groceries for British self catering holidaymakers on Lanzarote has fallen by over 30% since 2012, according to new research conducted by Post Office Travel and Monarch Holidays.

Post Office Travel first surveyed the price of an average shopping basket in ten popular holiday destinations across Europe back in 2012 - and despite the weakened state of sterling versus the euro since then have found that the cost of food and drink in supermarkets is now lower in every case. With Lanzarote only second to Limassol in Cyrprus as the destination experiencing the steepest price reductions - down by 31.7% over the last five years.

For a basket of 15 self catering basics such as tea bags and bread Majorca emerged as the cheapest destination overall - with the total shopping bill coming to £31.91. Whilst Lanzarote emerged as the third cheapest place to stock up for a self catering break, with a total basket price of £34.41.

Post Office Travel´s research suggests that over one third of Brits traveling abroad this summer will book a self catering break - with the majority making this selection in order to save money. Whilst a Monarch Holidays spokesperson stated; “For families in particular, self-catering allows them to control their spending more effectively and gives them the flexibility to do what they want when they want, without the restrictions of catered accommodation. Customers can enjoy the ultimate in flexibility and so it will continue to be a very popular choice."

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