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OUTER SPACE New €2.5m Urban Park Plan For Playa Honda

Monday July 3, 2017

OUTER SPACE New €2.5m Urban Park Plan For Playa Honda

A cutting edge 50,000 square metre urban park is in the pipeline for Playa Honda, with a cost of €2.5 million euros assigned for its creation.

The park will be located close to the airport at Guacimeta and is designed to be fully energy self-sufficient - featuring three small wind turbines as well as a lake, which will double up as a rain water collection and irrigation system.

The space has been designed by architect Iván Torres Ramón, who has a practice in both Barcelona and Ibiza and who has worked on a number of prestigious projects, many of which incorporate large scale landscaping elements. And it will be created entirely from local materials and vegetation - providing areas of shade, as well as facilities for cyclists and skateboarders, along with an outdoor gym, internet access points and recharging hubs for electric vehicles.

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