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BLACK MARQUE Rolls Royce Launch New Model On Lanzarote

Friday July 14, 2017

BLACK MARQUE Rolls Royce Launch New Model On Lanzarote

Where better to showcase the new Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge than against the lava-scapes of Lanzarote?

Rolls Royce selected Lanzarote as the location for their stylish new show reel, created to communicate the launch of the new Dawn Black Badge to the world. Utilising the raw and powerful scenery of the island´s volcanic region to create an edgy promo video that is designed to help attract a younger and trendier buyer.

According to Rolls Royce the Dawn Black Badge is for "bold non-conformists", who are also presumably very rich too, as the car is priced in excesss of a quarter of a miilion pounds. One of its key selling points is the vehicle´s deep black tone, created by the application of many layers of paint and lacquer by hand and further reflected in the dark canvas sun roof and black leather interiors.

The advert was shot on the roads around Los Janubios, La Geria and Tinguaton and three cars were especially shipped in to the island from Rolls Royce HQ in Goodwood.


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