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DEPTH CHARGE Lanzarote Diving Holidays Up 50% in 2016

Monday July 17, 2017

DEPTH CHARGE Lanzarote Diving Holidays Up 50% in 2016

The number of tourists visiting Lanzarote for a diving holiday rose by 50% last year, according to data just released by the island government. As a total of 146,962 tourists took part in some form of sub aquatic activity during the course of 2016.

The number of dive shops on the island has also doubled over the last four years as a result - as rising demand now sees a total of 36 schools officially registered. According to the statistics 6.3% of all foreign tourists who have visited Lanzarote in the last 15 years have done some form of diving activity - with the UK, Lanzarote´s largest market, accounting for just over 43% of these undersea adventurers.

International interest in the island as a dive destination has certainly been stimulated over the last year by the creation of the Museo Atlantico off the coast of Playa Blanca. And it is notable that Lanzarote now accounts for one third of all dive schools in the Canaries - and that this sector is expanding at a faster rate here than in the rest of the archipelago too.  Local tourist authorities will be aiming to grow this figure further over the coming years - not least as divers spend more money when visiting the island than other types of tourist.

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