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GRAND TOUR Self-Drive Trial For Timanfaya

Friday July 21, 2017

GRAND TOUR Self-Drive Trial For Timanfaya

Island tourist authorities have taken the first tentative step towards creating a greener grand tour of Timanfaya by trialing an autonomous self-driving car on the Rutas de Volcanos.

Currently, tourists visiting Lanzarote´s most popular tourist attraction are boarded onto official coaches, which are the only vehicles allowed to traverse the dedicated sightseeing route through the lava fields.

However plans are now afoot to provide a much more cutting edge, ecologically sound experience - thanks to an agreement between the island´s tourism minister and the Carlos III University of Madrid.

The educational institution has been commissioned to get the Timanfaya self-drive scheme off the starting grid in conjunction with other bodies and companies, working to a project timescale of three years.

The scheme offers numerous potential benefits - potentially providing a safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly option and local tourist chiefs believe that this will help to place Lanzarote in the vanguard of a technology that should significantly improve the visitor experience.

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