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GRASSED UP British Owned Cannabis Farm Busted

Thursday July 27, 2017

GRASSED UP British Owned Cannabis Farm Busted

A large scale marijuana cultivation facility in Tias has been uncovered by the local Guardia Civil, who have seized 750 kilos of the crop - one of the largest hauls ever on the island - along with a British citizen described as being in charge of the plantation and four other foreign nationals from Germany, Italy and Venezuela.

The illicit plantation was found in a little known barranco in the La Asomada area of the island, after a tip off from an informant. With police uncovering an industrial scale operation encompassing a number of buildings and greenhouses, seizing hundreds of plants and associated materials such as halogen bulbs and trimming machines.

The Guardia are currently trying to establish whether the cannabis grown here was sold exclusively on the island. Or whether the growers had a more sophisticated network that enabled them to smuggle the cannabis off the island for export elsewhere.

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