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SCENT DOWN Local Police Sniff Out Dodgy Perfumes

Friday August 4, 2017

SCENT DOWN Local Police Sniff Out Dodgy Perfumes

Local police have seized over 30,000 euros worth of counterfeit perfumes destined for sale in local markets, after inspecting a van in Arrecife packed with 400 bottles of fake scent.

The seizure took place as part of a routine patrol in the island capital, with local police picking up on the pirated perfume after spotting inconsistencies in branding and packaging.

According to police experts the 400 bottles have a street value of over 30,000 euros and were destined for sale in local markets to unwitting tourists and locals.

Pirated products such as these also carry a health risk as analysis of similar seizures has revealed banned compounds such as ethylene glycol and methanol, which can produce dermatitis, allergic reactions and skin blemishes. Tourists are advised to only buy perfume and beauty products from reputable establishments.




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