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DOING TIME Foreign Tourist Investigated For Insurance Fraud

Wednesday August 9, 2017

DOING TIME Foreign Tourist Investigated For Insurance Fraud

A foreign tourist has been accused of faking the theft of a 15,000 euro Rolex watch from his holiday apartment in Puerto del Carmen.

The tourist, aged 44 years and identified solely by the initials LGR, contacted police last week to report a break in, which he claims occurred over-night whilst he slept soundly throughout. He alleges that thieves unscrewed a window, gaining access to the apartment under cover of darkness before removing the timepiece, whilst leaving all other possessions untouched.

However, the credibility of his story was then fatally undermined when site security staff at the holiday complex later clocked the gormless tourist wearing the Rolex, which he apparently then tried to hide by sticking his hands in his pockets!

The watch was then removed from his possession and handed over to the police. The tourist was then interviewed and may yet face a charge of attempted insurance fraud, which carries a sentence of 6 to 12 months in a local prison.

Insurance frauds have started to blight the image of British tourists in Spain in recent years - thanks largely to the recent wave of claims for food poisoning against hotels, which both local authorities and tour operators are now stamping out. However a tiny minority of visitors still appear to believe that making an insurance claim is an easy touch and an integral part of their holiday experience.

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