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FLY DRY Ryanair Propose Two Drink Passenger Limit

Thursday August 17, 2017

FLY DRY Ryanair Propose Two Drink Passenger Limit

As pressure mounts in the UK to curb a 600% rise in alcohol related incidents since just 2012 Ryanair, the largest carrier of tourists to Lanzarote, has unveiled new proposals designed to address the issue.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority disruptive UK passenger incidents soared by 600% between 2012 and 2016 - with many in the media pointing the finger at British airport operators. Whose policies currently facilitiate round the clock boozing without any consumption checks and duty free sales policies that tacitly encourage illicit in-flight drinking. Creating a culture that actively encourages British holidaymakers to ´get the party started´ as soon as they arrive at the airport.

Increasingly however this party spirit is turning sour, with anti-social and at times dangerous behaviour becoming the norm on certain routes - most notably from the UK to Southern Spain and the Balaerics. Incidents on flights to Lanzarote from the UK are not unknown either - doing nothing to enhance the in-flight experience for the vast majority of passengers.



As a result Ryanair has suggested the following measures:

  • A ban on all alcohol sales in bars and restaurants before 10am
  • Creation of a two drink limit - enforceable by scanning boarding passes and limiting each pass to a two drink limit
  • Limiting the sale of alcohol to two drinks per boarding pass when flights are delayed

Ryanair are, of course, highly adept at securing free PR coverage and cynics may snipe that this is just a further example of their opportunism - as they piggy back a hot topic in order to secure more column inches.

However any positive move to ensure greater safety and tranquility for all in-flight can only be applauded. And notably their initiative has secured plenty of positive coverage in the Spanish media too - as the country tires of the stereotypical Boozy Brit Abroad, a figure that has contributed greatly to the recent rise in turismophobia across Southern Europe.

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