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SKY FALL Brexit Threat To Tourist Boom?

Wednesday August 23, 2017

SKY FALL Brexit Threat To Tourist Boom?

Up to 40% of flights from the UK to Lanzarote and other destinations across Europe could be grounded unless a post Brexit aviation deal is sealed soon, according to a new report conducted on behalf of the UK´s largest airports.

The report, which was collated by WPI Economics, was commissioned by Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Manchester and London City airports and was leaked to Sky News yesterday. Revealing that in the absence of the current open skies deal which governs air travel in Europe British bookings to the continent could slump by up to 40%.

The UK is Lanzarote´s largest tourist market. Last year alone 1.3 million British tourists touched down at Arrecife airport - accounting for 50% of all foreign visitors. A figure that also rose by 15% during the course of 2016, as the UK continued to provide the prime driving force behind Lanzarote´s current tourist boom.

The aviation industry in general is urging the UK Government to seal at least an interim deal in order to stave off growing uncertainty, which could inhibit the forward planning of airports, airlines and passengers alike. Speculating that in the worst case scenario passenger demand could drop by 41% between March 2018 and 2019 at Britain´s largest airports - equivalent to some 8m journeys between the UK and Europe.

The leaked report follows on from Micheal O´Leary´s recent warning that Ryanair would be forced to cancel holidaymaker´s flights from the UK to Europe in the summer of 2019 if a timely interim agreement or overall solution is not reached.

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