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RED FLAG Bacteria Closes Beach At Playa Chica

Wednesday August 30, 2017

RED FLAG Bacteria Closes Beach At Playa Chica

The popular beach of Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen has been declared off limits to tourists after the discovery of E.coli bacteria during routine sample testing on Monday.

The closure has been ordered by the local public health authorities after testing revealed a mild concentration of the harmful bacteria in the sea water at Playa Chica. According to the local councillor responsible for beaches in the district of Tias the presence of E.coli could have been caused by the emission of fecal water and an investigation is under way in an attempt to identify the source.

In the meantime, a red flag is now flying over Playa Chica and bathing here has now been banned until at least Thursday. Elsewhere in the Canaries, islands such as Tenerife are currently struggling to explain and control the appearance of microalgaes in local waters, which are having a similar negative impact on beaches there.

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