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OFF CENTRE Closed Attraction Losses Hit  €1.2m

Wednesday August 30, 2017

OFF CENTRE Closed Attraction Losses Hit €1.2m

The forced closure of Lanzarote´s main tourist attractions due to strike action is now estimated to have resulted in over 1.2 million euros in lost revenue for the public body governing the Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism. Whilst the industrial action is also taking a financial toll on related ancillary sectors, such as hire cars, excursion operators, taxis, tourist guides and restaurants - as well as an unquantifiable impact on Lanzarote´s image abroad.

To date, the UK news media has largely failed to pick up on the strike, which started back on August 15th and which continues to grind on without resolution.

However tens of thousands of visiting tourists have been disappointed by the closures, creating at a minimum significant negative word of mouth which can only be detrimental to Lanzarote´s image and hard won reputation as a modern, well run tourist destination.

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