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HOLD UP Carry On Charging At Ryanair

Tuesday September 12, 2017

HOLD UP Carry On Charging At Ryanair

Ryanair, the largest volume carrier of tourists to Lanzarote, will now be charging passengers who carry on luggage for storage in overhead lockers from November 1st.

The carrier has billed the move as an exercise in speeding up the departure process, which has allegedly led to delays previously as passengers wrestle oversized bags into the on board storage spaces.

Now, only passengers that pay a premium of five pounds for one of the airline´s priority boarding options will be allowed to store small suitcases and holdalls on board. Other passengers will have the option to have carry on bags wieghing up to 10kg taken at the gate and stored in the hold free of charge.

All passengers will still be allowed to take a small bag into the hold free of charge, so long as it measures no more than 35cam x 20cm x 20cm. Travelers who try to take a suitcase into the hold weighing more than 10kg without checking it in first will be subjected to a charge of up to 50 pounds for it to be stored in the hold.

Passengers can also pay six pounds to purchase priority boarding up to one hour before their flight departs.

Overall luggage allowances have been increased from 15kg to 20kg.

The new policy is certainly a blow for those who like to travel light and avoid the hassle and delay of picking up their luggage from the carousels on arrival. Not least as Ryanair´s announcement comes just a few months after Jet2 revealed plans to charge passengers for allowing them to carry on luggage rather than storing in in the hold.

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