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LANGUAGE BARRIER Spanish Pilots Must Speak English

Tuesday September 12, 2017

LANGUAGE BARRIER Spanish Pilots Must Speak English

Spanish air traffic controllers and pilots using Lanzarote's airport will be forced to communicate in English only from October 12th onwards, thanks to a new European regulation that seeks to standardise air services across the continent.

SERA, the European Regulation of Standardised Air Rules has been adopted by the Spanish government and is essentially a rule that only permits the use of English in radio communications at all airports that process more than 50,000 passengers per year. As a result, from October 12th, pilots and controllers working at Lanzarote´s airport will only be allowed to use English when communicating, even if Spanish is their mother tongue.

Unsurprisingly the trade unions representing both groups of workers are unhappy with the new regulations, with one official stating that "the measure is contrary to the opinion of the professionals involved. It will enter into force without taking into account the professional approach of the two groups involved in this measure."

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