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AIR FARCE Ryanair Cancel Flights - So Their Staff Can Take Holidays

Saturday September 16, 2017

AIR FARCE Ryanair Cancel Flights - So Their Staff Can Take Holidays

Ryanair pilots and air crew will be taking holidays whilst their own customers flights are grounded. As the largest carrier of tourists to Lanzarote unveiled an extraordinary plan to cancel flights at minimal notice in order to allocate more leave to staff and improve overall punctuality.

Yesterday the airline cancelled 182 flights around Europe, impacting the travel plans of around 36,000 customers - giving little or no notice in the process - apparently all to accommodate a shift in their staffing calendar year. And many more flights are set to be cancelled in the future - with the airline refusing to reveal any details about which services may be affected. Passengers will, apparently, get no more than a maximum of 24 hours notice about any cancellation by text.

The move is a reaction to a massive drop in Ryanair´s overall arrival punctuality rate, which fell below 80% for the first time earlier this month, sparking criticisms that the carrier is in fact short of pilots, an accusation that has been hotly denied.

The announcement also follows hot on the heels of another potentially contentious 'innovation' by the airline as they revealed plans to start charging passengers for storing carry on suitcases in overhead lockers from November 1st. Another move that is also allegedly designed to improve the all important punctuality rate which lies at the core of the airline´s marketing proposition.

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