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CASH LANDING Ryanair´s €25m Cancellation Compensation

Tuesday September 19, 2017

CASH LANDING Ryanair´s €25m Cancellation Compensation

400,000 disgruntled passengers will be claiming up to 25 million euros worth of compensation from Ryanair, according to their CEO Michael O´Leary. As reports emerge that low cost rival Norwegian have wooed 140 pilots away from the Irish carrier over the last year.

The PR disaster zone that is Ryanair has now released more details about the 50 flights per day that they will be cancelling over the coming weeks - with no direct flights from the UK or Eire to Lanzarote affected.

However selected flights from Madrid to Lanzarote have been cancelled and the low cost carrier´s reputation and share value both continue to nose dive in the aftermath of what must go down as one of the worst examples of customer relations in recent corporate history.

Despite apologizing and showing a degree of contrition at a press conference yesterday the ever garrulous O´Leary still couldn´t resist yet another bout of trademark hubris, claiming that many of those passengers who had vowed never to book with Ryanair again would be back, thanks to their competitive low pricing policy.

That remains to be seen however, as the latest high handed gaffe from Ryanair is being hailed by many industry observers as the best advert for easyJet ever. Whilst reports have also emerged that Ryanair are finding it tough to recruit and retain pilots, following an exodus of 140 flyers to rival Norwegian, who are in the process of creating a new hub right in Ryanair´s backyard at Dublin airport.

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