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SPACED OUT Los Lobos Sinking Under Weight Of Tourism

Wednesday September 20, 2017

SPACED OUT Los Lobos Sinking Under Weight Of Tourism

The small island of Los Lobos is creaking under the weight of day trippers, according to local tourism experts. As some 2000 visitors per day - ten times the ´safe´agreed limit - have been invading this protected space that lies just off the coast of Fuerteventura.

Despite the fact that Los Lobos enjoys National Park status and is an officially protected nature reserve regulations governing it´s management are being flouted by excursion operators and water taxis - with ten times too many visitors disembarking here daily during the summer months. Creating pressure on delicate eco systems in this emblematic space, whilst doing little to enhance the experience for visitors.

The over use of the island - or massification as the Spanish like to term it - is an unfortunate bi-product of the sharp increase in visitor numbers on both Lanzarote and Fuerteventura over recent years. Along with a lack of co-ordination between excursion and water taxi operators, which has resulted in ridiculous levels of over crowding during July and August, much to the consternation of many locals - some of whom describe the situation as ´scandalous´.

Regulations protecting the islet limit visitor numbers to just 200 people per day - and pressure is now mounting on local authorities to impose greater restrictions on visitor numbers in order to preserve Los Lobos´ unique identity.

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