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AER MARE Passengers Forced To Sleep In Terminal

Thursday September 21, 2017

AER MARE Passengers Forced To Sleep In Terminal

320 Aer Lingus passengers endured an unscheduled overnight stay at Arrecife airport last Sunday after their return service to Dublin was cancelled not once but twice.

Initially the Lanzarote to Dublin service was meant to depart at 12.30 - but the night before passengers recieved a text message informing them that the flight had been rescheduled to take off that same evening at 20.15.

However, boarding for this flight was further delayed and once all passengers were finally seated at 22.10 the captain announced that the crew were now out of flight hours - forcing everyone off the plane again and back into the terminal.

At this stage Aer Lingus´s customer service `operation' totally fell apart. With no official representatives on hand to organise taxis to overnight accommodation or issue food vouchers the vast majority of their clients, inlcuding children, babies and the elderly, were simply left to fend for thmselves in the terminal with nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat. In yet another example of the inreasingly contemptible attitude displayed by airlines towards their customers, as best exemplified by Ryanair.

Angry passengers were finally transported back to Dublin on the Monday morning at 11.00.

Aer Lingus later issued a statement about the incident; “Due to the late arrival of flight EI778 from Dublin to Lanzarote and the delayed boarding of the return flight from Lanzarote to Dublin, flight EI779 was subsequently cancelled as the flight crew had exceeded their fllight hours. it was unfortunately not possible to accommodate all guests at short notice. All guests returned to Dublin on flight EI777 on Monday morning. Upon arrival into Dublin all affected guests were offered a voucher to the value of €150 as a gesture of good will. We sincerely apologise to guests affected by cancellation.”

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