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ALOE ALOE ALOE Fake Chinese Aloe Vera Rakes In €21m

Wednesday September 27, 2017

ALOE ALOE ALOE Fake Chinese Aloe Vera Rakes In €21m

Aloe Vera from China, purporting to be the high quality Canarian product, is now flooding the market both here and abroad. Costing local manufacturers millions of euros, according to the Canarian Minister of Agriculture, who has now applied to the European Union to secure protected status.

Aloe Vera grows particularly well on both Lanzarote and Fuerteventura - and products derived from their cultivation are available in specialist shops as well as supermarkets across the island as well as abroad.

Canarian grown aloe is regraded as extremely high quality and aloe vera is now enjoying enormous popularity in consumer markets around the world in a diverse range of forms, from health and skin care products through to bedding and cleaning items. A market which has attracted the attention of the Chinese - who have jumped on the bandwagon by marketing their own inferior domestically grown aloe as the prized Canarian variety - resulting in a loss of business for local growers and producers.

As a result consumers are urged to carefully read product small print to ensure they are buying the real deal - whilst protected EU product status is around one year away.






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