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AER MARE II Aer Lingus Passengers Stranded Again

Friday September 29, 2017

AER MARE II Aer Lingus Passengers Stranded Again

Ryanair isn´t the only Irish airline that´s been grabbing the headlines here on Lanarote as Aer Lingus (slogan - Great Care, Great Fare) last night left their clients stranded in the departures lounge at Arrecife Airport for the second time in as many weeks.

On September 17th the Irish carrier cancelled a flight at the last minute, leaving some 300 plus angry clients in the lurch. And last night they were at it again, as over 100 passengers were left grounded after Aer Lingus abruptly cancelled yet another return flight to Eire from Lanzarote, the E1777.

According to Irish media reports passengers were only informed by the cancellation by text after they had checked in and were instructed to find their own overnight accommodation before returning to the airport the next day.

An Aer Lingus spokesperson claimed last night in a statement that the cancellation was due to a technical fault and that 68 passengers had been rebooked onto a later lfight. But that still left a further 100 Aer Lingus clients in the lurch - again.

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