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ROYAL MESS Monarch Collapse Strands 110,000 Passengers

Monday October 2, 2017

ROYAL MESS Monarch Collapse Strands 110,000 Passengers

Britain´s oldest airline brand, Monarch, collapsed this morning - resulting in the cancellation of over 300,000 bookings and leaving 110,000 current clients stranded abroad.

According to industry observers Monarch airlines had been struggling for years, as they failed to adapt their business model in the face of increased to competition from no-frills airlines. A weakness further exacerbated by the collapse of key routes to North African destinations such as Egypt and Tunisia and the more recent devaluation of sterling against the euro. Resulting in a last minute bail out from Greybull Capital as recently as September 2016.

However even this 165 million pound tranche of investment only staved off the inevitable - resulting in chaos for thousands of tourists this morning, many of whom arrived at airports only to be informed that their airline had collapsed and their flights had been cancelled by text message.

The Civil Aviation Authority is now tasked with the largest repatriation of British nationals ever undertaken in peacetime and have issued assurances that all affected Monarch customers will be returned to the UK over the next fortnight with as minimal disruption to their holidays as possible.

CAA chief executive, Andrew Haines, stated: “This is the biggest UK airline ever to cease trading, so the government has asked the CAA to support Monarch customers currently abroad to get back to the UK at the end of their holiday at no extra cost to them. We are putting together, at very short notice and for a period of two weeks, what is effectively one of the UK’s largest airlines to manage this task. We ask customers to bear with us as we work around the clock to bring everyone home.

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