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ROMAN HOLIDAY Time Travel For Lanzarote Tourists?

Wednesday October 11, 2017

ROMAN HOLIDAY Time Travel For Lanzarote Tourists?

A new scientific study has uncovered the presence of Roman style writing in various parts of Lanzarote. Raising fascinating historical questions about exactly when the island was settled and by whom. Whilst providing the foundations for a possible future historical route to add to Lanzarote´s current tourist offering.

A crack team comprising researchers from many different disciplines and prestigious institutions such as Oxford University are working together under the aegis of the islands University School of Tourism to unlock the secrets of inscriptions on rocks in various parts of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Apparently, these bear more relation to Latin than the ancient Libyan-Berber alphabet that was once prevalent across the Canaries - suggesting that the two most easterly of the Islands had some links with the Roman Empire, which was dominant in nearby North Africa from the year 146BC. Potentially turning the current accepted wisdom about island history on its head.

Officials from the University School of Tourism are hoping that this discovery could add another string to Lanzarote´s bow - alongside the current attractions of beach, sports, wellness and gastronomy.

A spokesperson stated "The historical and cultural heritage has not been considered as a key reference in the offer of tourist products", say in the University School of Tourism of Lanzarote, a center that wants to link scientific research of historical heritage with its value through dissemination and the creation of routes of tourist interest that can be integrated into the network of museums that Lanzarote currently has."

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