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AIR EXTENSIONS Arrecife Runway Enlargement Grounded

Tuesday October 24, 2017

AIR EXTENSIONS Arrecife Runway Enlargement Grounded

Fernando Clavijo, the current President of the Canary Island Government yesterday confirmed that there are no plans in the pipeline to enlarge the runway at Arrecife airport. Despite calls from local businesses to create a contingency plan to counter Brexit that would enable the island to welcome larger planes on direct flights from further flung markets such as Russia and Scandinavia.

The UK currently accounts for over 50% of all foreign tourists visiting the island - and local hoteliers and other related businesses are concerned that Britain´s withdrawal from the EU may result in a downturn in visitor numbers. Which they had hoped to counteract by opening up new and more distant markets - in turn necessitating a longer runway at Arrecife in order to accommodate larger planes with sufficient fuel to fly direct.

However Clavijo revealed that this plan isn´t going to fly with AENA - the Spanish Airport Authority - who will instead be focusing on improving existing facilities for tourists at the island´s sole international airport instead.

To date Brexit has had zero impact on the UK, Lanzrote´s largest tourist market - with British arrivals in fact soaring since withdrawal from the EU was first announced. However some tour operators are already advising clients that flights booked for dates after March 2019 may not be honoured should current negotiations result in a hard Brexit.  Whilst other barriers to frictionless travel may also yet be imposed should negotations break down.








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