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WARM UP Hottest Lanarote Autumn In 30 Years

Thursday October 26, 2017

WARM UP Hottest Lanarote Autumn In 30 Years

As Lanzarote swelters in another calima, creating temperatures as high as 37 Celsius, AEMET, the Spanish meteorological agency, has revealed that this October has been the hottest on record in over thirty years. With temperatures two whole degrees above the average autumnal norm.

Only last week the island experienced a prolonged six day calima that produced intense heat pushing the mercury close to 40 degrees Celsius. And after a brief respite another wave of heat from Africa has rolled across the archipelago again, driving temperatures well above the seasonal average.

The island is of course no stranger to calima´s and high temperatures - however the intensity and duration of these two heatwaves has surprised even the locals. Fuelling fears that global warming may be impacting upon the weather systems here, much as it appears to be intensifying conditions around the globe.

Whilst the sunshine and cloudless skies are being lapped up by tourists even heat-hardy indigenous plant species are struggling in the parched and arid conditions. Following a very hot summer and little rainfall in many months anxiety is growing amongst the local farming community, with many key crops normally planted at this time of the year.

And should global warming become a more immediate reality just how hot will the Canary Islands become before conditions become uncomfortable for both visitors and locals alike?

In the short term at least AEMET expects the current temperatures to start falling again at the weekend.

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