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HOLD UP Ryanair Defer Baggage Charge Changes

Tuesday October 31, 2017

HOLD UP Ryanair Defer Baggage Charge Changes

Ryanair, the largest carrier of tourists to Lanzarote from the UK, has announced that they will be deferring the introduction of new baggage charges until the New Year. As the crisis hit carrier struggles to repair damage to both its share price and public image.

Initially, Ryanair had announced new charges for placing luggage into overhead lockers in a move that would have added six pounds to the average, non-priority customers flight price.

However, in the wake of the recent pilot roster cock up, which resulted in the cancellation of some 20,000 flights, disrupting the travel pans of some 700,000 clients, the airline has now decided to avoid courting further controversy in the near future in order to ensure their public profile avoids another pounding.

The deferment until January 15th 2018 has been billed by Ryanair as a customer friendly move designed to give clients more time to adapt to the new rules which are allegedly designed to improve boarding and departure times.

However in reality passengers travelling on non- prioty tickets will now only be able to take one small bag into the hold with them - with any other bags checked in to the hold at the boarding gate free of charge.

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