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SOLO MISSION Canaries Seeking Special Brexit Deal

Wednesday November 8, 2017

SOLO MISSION Canaries Seeking Special Brexit Deal

Carlos Alonso, The President of Tenerife, is calling for a special Brexit deal between the Canary Islands and the UK in order to safeguard the island´s most important source of tourist visitors.

The Canary Islands are an autonomous region within Spain and as such already benefits from numerous special measures and exemptions in EU policies - for example enjoying separate fiscal and taxation arrangements to the mainland.

As a result Alonso has stated;“We are asking that we be able to maintain the current framework we have with the UK, with free movement of goods, of services (including tourism), of people and of capital, which is in the mutual interest of both parties."

According to Alonso the Canary Islands government is fully behind this proposal, which is now being put to the central government in Madrid. He further stated; “Legally and economically, it is feasible, we are such a small piece of the cake, so why not? Exemptions are not very well received by the European Union but we do have a tradition of exemptions for the Canaries.”

However, given the current political climate in Spain it is highly unlikely that the Spanish government will back such a unilateral proposal, with some observers suggesting the move is partly a PR stunt designed to send a positive message to the millions of British tourists who visit the archipelago each year.




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