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SAND BAGS Coastline Combed To Replenish Beaches

Friday November 17, 2017

SAND BAGS Coastline Combed To Replenish Beaches

Local authorities have launched a search off the coast of Lanzarote for new sources of sand to replenish the playas in Puerto del Carmen.

The initiative, which has been implemented by the local council in Tias, who have responsibility for the beaches in Lanzarote´s main resort, gets underway next week with the launch of the exploratory vessel Rojo V. Which will be tasked with combing the coastline to find sources of sand for extraction.

According to local mayor Pancho Hernandez the beaches in Puerto del Carmen - especially the main beach of Playa Grande - have been diminished by various storms over the last 10 to 15 years, most notably Tropical Storm Delta which hit the island back in 2005.

Beautiful beaches are of course integral to both the resort and the island´s tourist offering, making the identification of an easily extractable new source an important imperative.




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